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(another copy/paste from my comments over at the Roost, reproduced so I have a copy)

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I've been doing a lot of work recently to revamp one of the roleplaying forums over at HOL and it seems to be having a good influence. During the course of the various tidying up sessions I've come ridiculously close to deleting valuable information more than once while merging threads and moving things around.

So I'm copy/pasting it all here so I have a permanent record of it away from the forum on which it is based, just in case.

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Thanks for the feedback to my request for ideas & priorities.   The general consensus is that I should start with issues relating to planning and shaping a play. 
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Puppet on a stringI enjoy roleplaying.   This will not be a surprise to anyone who has crossed my path, which in all likelihood will be because of some RP connection or other.   I also have a lot of ideas buzzing round in my head about things I can write *about* roleplaying but I'm having trouble sorting the ideas into a logical order.

So what I'm doing is this - using this post as a braindump for the various things that may make interesting articles, and inviting input as to what people would like to explore and indeed comment upon from their points of view.   That will at least give me a chance to prioritise my ideas.

So... ideas:

"Why so down on fluff?" - useful character exploration or pointless rambling?

"Shaping a story" -  Forward planning without stifling input

"Referee mindset v Player Mindset, or 'Whose is this character anyway?'" -  When is it appropriate to put story ahead of character

"Keeping things moving." - Four pages of conversation later, has anything been achieved?

"Planned or Freeform" - Does a thread need a direction in advance?

"Courtesy Tags" - Letting other players know what isn't immediately obvious

"Paradigm" - literary or cinematic


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