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A double victory.

The heating is now working and everything feels a little better as a result.   I treated myself to a long, very hot, very full bath as a result and it felt like heaven (except without the clouds and annoying stringed instruments).

Also after a weekend of victorious mouse-slaying (another one bit the dust) there has been no further sign of the furry little beasties. 
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Two more mice have bitten the dust -or to be precise, the peanut butter.

On the other side of the coin, the furry little bastards have killed my lovely Hewlett Packard printer by making it a temporary home/foodsource.

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Not that the trap actually worked properly

I saw the bloody thing with its head in the trap foraging for peanut butter and the trap wasn't going off.

But because it couldn't see ME I tapped the back of the trap with a hammer and that did the trick.


No more mickey.

Fuck you rodent!

One down.

God I feel manly! Successfully hunted a creature slightly bigger than my thumb.

Now let's see if any others emerge

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There is a mouse in my house.

Probably more than one if truth be told.

I know this because the little furry bastard ran across my desk the other night while I was typing!   I thought the horrible creatures were shy and sneaky, not bold and brash.   Damnable thing.

My aging cat, has been prowling around trying to look useful ever since the first rustling noises were heard.   I didn't hold out much hope for any useful activity from that source, but she surprised me yesterday morning when I emerged from sleep to discover her happily playing with an injured rodent.

Good for her,  I thought and gave her extra treats that day.

But either there is more than one, or the bloody little vermin is a Time Mouse and regenerated since this morning I spotted a mouse in my printer.

I was so tempted to press CTRL-P...


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